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Thoughts About Financial Freedom
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Thoughts About Financial Freedom 

Financial freedom is very important to me. It seems to have picked up more importance with each year as I get older. I want to enough money such that I don’t have to worry about it. I’m almost certain you, reading this, have this goal in common with me.

I’ve learnt over the years and through submitting myself to many mentors, both openly and secretly, that many of us find it difficult overcoming our financial struggles mainly based on how we THINK about money. It hardly has to do with our background, status, circumstances or uncontrollable expenses. It’s mainly the way we THINK when it comes to money.

I read first from Tade Cash over a year ago how most people might not actually NEED money, but they may need what the money can do. This put me in thoughts and forms a large part of how I have approached my desire for money ever since.

Sometimes I imagine some people that make hefty salaries – millions of Naira monthly – and how they end up still having significant financial problems. It made me conclude that maybe one’s level of income or one’s opportunities have nothing to do with attaining financial freedom afterall. Rather, more than any other reasons or factors, the way one thinks about money determines your attainment of this touted financial freedom.

Brian Tracy said: “Whether or not you think you’ll be rich, you’re right.” Probably in line with Henry Ford’s saying that goes, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” But they do have a huge point. Almost every millionaire or billionaire I have read about already imagined themselves being rich or wealthy, ahead of attaining that status.

At this risk of sounding in anyway arrogant, when I go out, more than 80% of the time, I am treated more highly than I am actually worth. Sometimes, I think it’s because my internal thoughts (of being rich or wealthy) have flowed outwards to my external appearance (wink!).

Our negative attitudes don’t help either. I’ve met many people that hardly ever believe things will get better – so it never does. We also lack self-discipline. We spend as much as we earn, sometimes even more than we earn, and end up living on the smallest margins. My wife had complained about how there were so many expenses anytime money came in. I simply told her what I had learnt – Spend whatever is left AFTER saving, not vice versa.

We must be self-disciplined, as this is the starting point to achieving our financial freedom. Rewire your attitude towards money. Not saying you put aside anything fun, but you must control the urge to buy impulsively.

Also, stop “wishing and hoping”; start “thinking and doing”. Getting rich is not a random occurence, it’s downright INTENTIONAL! You have to be specific. You must THINK about it. You must DEFINE it. And you must PLAN for it continuously!

Being Practical

1. Review your expenses – Put a searchlight on your money – know what goes out and what comes in. Practice delayed gratification. Minimise impulse purchases. Use available apps and software to track your money. You cannot grow what you don’t measure.

2. Pay yourself first – Plan to save for long-term. Open an account you have limited access to and ensure you deposit a percentage of your income into it regularly and unfailingly. It could end up being your “financial freedom account”.

3. Think prosperity – Wealthy people are usually happy because they always have ‘prosperous’ thoughts, including how they can use their money to make money. Always be on the look-out for opportunities. Invest in new products, breakthroughs, or innovations.

Remember, money is hard to earn and easy to lose. It’s YOUR responsibility to guard yours with care.

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