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Solar Energy Potentials & You
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Solar Energy Potentials & You 

So, I was dressing up for the office today while giving a listening ear to the ongoing news on TV. I couldn’t help but overhear the end of a news item that stated that “there is now focus on solar energy for power generation in Africa, as it has been discovered that the continent has enough solar supply to generate power to the entire continent, and indeed the world!

Waoh! My eyes widened… much as if I was just hearing this for the first time. But no, I had heard and read something similar a few times. Just that a fresh reality dawned on me – The continent has the potential to generate enough power supply to the WORLD! Hmm… puts things in perspective. We have abundance in resources, and yet we are so far behind as a continent, as a Nation. I won’t bore you with details of Nigeria’s potentials you may have read from hundreds of other articles.

Well, this is silver lining – where we remove the gloom and doom, and replace with enlightenment and hope. I have picked up over the years that when you believe something can be done, your brain begins to tow that line and produces the creativity and innovation within you to get it done.

Here’s a pictorial crash course below:

How Solar Energy Works

This is not a technical write-up on solar energy and its uses or potentials. This is about letting you know that in spite of any negativities about the economy, global opportunities yet abound. If you have any interest in this industry – power – now may be the time to begin to put pen to paper to map out a plan. The future [of power] is solar! And the sooner we start focusing on it more, the better.

Many companies and individuals have stepped on the trail already. Find where you can plug in. Forecast any future issues; turn them to opportunities. New technologies always do that – bring new opportunities. The uptake of solar power will be no different.

Friend, as you read this, and you are remotely interested in the power sector, let your next action be to check the latest news on solar to get updated on the most current happenings and where, and then breathe, sleep and dream how YOU can plug into that space. THINK!


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