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Are you a Moaner?
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Are you a Moaner? 

No, there are no sexual connotations to the title. Just a reprimand aimed at a select type of people employed within a business or company.

Complaining and whining amongst employees can be therapeutic to some. They get pleasure from talking about all the bad things going on in the company. Their antennas are locked on once they find a mate to discuss the office politics or antics of work colleagues.

They are the Moaners.

Moaners always have something to complain about in the office, even when the same thing has been mentioned for an infinite number of times. Moaners never enjoy work. They don’t love what they do, so they bicker at every opportunity.

They have ready excuses for why something was not done or can’t be done. They myriad of reasons why things are not as they should be in the office.

You need to enjoy your work. Find a reason to enjoy it, or ship out. You’re not a stone; don’t wait until you’re thrown out the window as a result of the endless negativity of moaning.

Once you acknowledge that work is fun, you will find your step lightens, your stress levels decrease and your whole demeanour lightens. Enjoying your work entails taking pride in what you do, enjoying the Day-to-day challenge, looking forward to each day with enthusiasm and optimism.

Enjoying work prevents you from moaning. If you are a self-confessed Moaners today, my advice is either you work on yourself to change your attitude, or…change your job!

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